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Unreal Engine Plugin: AprilTag Images

Version: v2.0.1
Author: Roland Bruggmann


Screenshot of Plugin Content

A game plugin providing with images of tags from the pre-generated AprilTag 3 families from AprilRobotics. These are mainly Blueprints, each with a StaticMesh Component holding a plane with an AprilTag textured material instance.





Use the plugin as project plugin (folder MyProject/Plugins). Add the plugin by downloading and unpackaging an archive or using git clone:

git clone

Screenshot of Plugin

Table of Contents

1. Meshes

A Static Mesh plane named SM_Plane100x100_OriginLeftBottom of size 0x100x100 with origin in left bottom corner (X=0.0,Y=0.0,Z=0.0) as tag model.

Screenshot of Static Mesh Plane:

Screenshot of Static Mesh Plane

2. Textures

Textures of images of tags from the pre-generated AprilTag 3 families.

Screenshot of AprilTag Texture:

Screenshot of AprilTag Texture

3. Materials

3.1. Opaque Material

An Opaque Material M_AprilTag with a TextureSampleParameter2D-node named ‘AprilTag’ which is UV-mapped by TextureCoordinate.

Screenshot of AprilTag Material:

Screenshot of AprilTag Material

3.2. Material Instances

One Material Instance per AprilTag: The parent M_AprilTag inherited Texture Parameter Value named ‘AprilTag’ is set to an AprilTag Texture.

Screenshot of AprilTag Material Instance:

Screenshot of AprilTag Material Instance

4. Blueprints

4.1. Abstract Blueprint

The abstract Blueprint BP_Abstract_AprilTag holds a Static Mesh Component named ‘AprilTag’ which points to the Static Mesh SM_Plane100x100_OriginLeftBottom. Its material serves as placeholder.

Screenshot of Abstract Blueprint:

Screenshot of Abstract Blueprint

4.2. Inherited Blueprints

One Blueprint per AprilTag: The Blueprints parent class is BP_Abstract_AprilTag. The Static Mesh Component Material is set to a specific AprilTag Material Instance.

Screenshot of AprilTag Blueprint:

Screenshot of AprilTag Blueprint

A. References

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