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Unreal Engine Project: Dream Simulation Lab

Version: v2.1.0
Author: Roland Bruggmann


Screenshot of Project Content

A project based on UE template ‘Virtual Reality’ providing with Institute of Psychology related maps, more precise for the Dream Simulation Laboratory with its Room D268. This project was elaborated as TPF approved project ‘3D Content for Dream-Like VR - Modelling and Animation of Bizarre 3D Objects for Use in a Dream-Like Virtual Environment’ (aka BZR).



Important Notes

Table of Contents

1. Usage

1.1. Dependencies

The project was developed using

The project makes use of plugin BZR and VIRLA.

1.2. Installation

Download the project using git – the plugins are included as git submodules:

git clone --recursive
cd DreamSimLab
git submodule update --recursive

2. Map DreamSimLab

The map DreamSimLab is a copy from plugin VIRLA’s map RaumBern supplemented with actors from plugin BZR:

Screenshot of Map DreamSimLab:

Screenshot of Map DreamSimLab

Screenshot of WorldSettings Lightmass:

Screenshot of WorldSettings Lightmass

A. References


Lab and Research

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