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Unreal Engine BP-Plugin: Play Area

Version: v2.0.1
Author: Roland Bruggmann


Screenshot of Plugin Content

A game plugin providing with virtual or augmented reality VR/AR play area content: Some black shields, a clear color cube, a head and a collision warning cube. These are mainly Blueprints, each with a StaticMesh component holding a plane or cube mesh.





Use the plugin as project plugin (folder MyProject/Plugins). Add the plugin by downloading and unpackaging an archive or using git clone:

git clone

Screenshot of Plugin

Table of Contents

1. Black Shields

The Blueprint ‘BP_PlayArea_BlackShield’ holds a Static Mesh Component named ‘BlackShield’ and serves as parent class to all the ‘BP_PlayArea_BlackShield*’ Blueprints. These Blueprints differ only in which Static Mesh plane they use:

Screenshot of Blueprint Black Shield:

Screenshot of Black Shield

2. Clear Color

Screenshot of Blueprint Clear Color:

Screenshot of Clear Color

3. Head

Screenshot of Blueprint Head:

Screenshot of Head

4. Collision Warning

Screenshot of Blueprint Collision Warning:

Screenshot of Collision Warning

Screenshot of Blueprint Collision Warning EventGraph:

Screenshot of Collision Warning EventGraph

A. References

Unreal Engine Documentation: Interactive Experiences > Physics > Collision > Collision Overview

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