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Unreal Engine Plugin: Sports Equipment

Version: v2.0.1
Author: Roland Bruggmann


Screenshot of Plugin Content

A plugin providing with sports equipment content based on 3D models from Sketchfab and partly enhanced by physical materials.





Use the plugin as project plugin (folder MyProject/Plugins). Add the plugin by downloading and unpackaging an archive or using git clone:

git clone

Screenshot of Plugin

Table of Contents

1. Soccerball

Blueprint BP_Soccerball holds a Static Mesh component SM_Soccerball. The mesh uses Material Instances parenting Material M_Soccer which is enhanced by a Physical Material PM_Soccerball with values as follows:

Screenshot of Soccerball Reference Viewer:

Screenshot of Soccerball Reference Viewer

2. Tennisball

Blueprint PM_Tennisball holds a Static Mesh component SM_Tennisball. The mesh uses a Material M_Tennisball which is enhanced by Physical Material PM_Tennisball with values as follows:

Screenshot of Tennisball Reference Viewer:

Screenshot of Tennisball Reference Viewer

A. References

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